When I was about 25 years of age, my mother seemingly out of the blue said to me “you do know that you have a call to preach the Gospel”. Well, I answered that with a question about dinner, because the statement went right over my head. At that time, I had just graduated from law school and secured a position as an Assistant District Attorney. Preaching the gospel seemed like a world away. 


I did however, love people, all people and I had a passion for serving those in need. I always wanted to help fix everything for everyone for as long as I’ve known myself. I graduated from college with a major in “International Development and Social Change”.  I went on to obtain a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Juris Doctorate or law degree in International Law. My desire was to be a part of a mechanism that would make this world a better place for the hurting ones. For those who are hungry, poor and forgotten. I learned great skills along the way, worked overseas on projects for change to conclude one basic thing.


I learned that in order to create meaningful and sustainable change in any society it requires a change in the human spirit, in the very heart of a man. I know today that new paradigms, new laws, new economic plans are no doubt necessary, but all of these flourish only when the hearts of men are transformed. I know today that this transformation and renewal of the mind can only occur as we submit to Jesus Christ as Lord.


Accordingly, we at “Katherine Murray Ministries” seek to spread the gospel in such a way whereby it is proactive and lifts people up to a place of empowerment and sustainable development.  We preach God’s doctrine of  love and integrity knowing that no society,  business, facility or family can successfully run without love and integrity. Without these key components systems are bound to eventually crumble. Love and integrity, the very cornerstone of all that is Jesus Christ.  


I am thankful that God has partnered me for several years with a wonderful Christian husband, “Randolph”. He shares the vision and has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and to kingdom building. He is an accountant who practices as a Financial Advisor and keeps the financial affairs in order. In the very beginning, all of the ministries’ endeavors were coming entirely out of our pockets. So, I am truly thankful for my husband’s love for God, for his vision and for his  love for me.


Know today that when you give to Katherine Murray Ministries, you are donating funds to “clean hands and pure hearts”. We know that God is real and  take kingdom building seriously. It is not our business, but our Father’s business. 


We’ll keep you posted with regard to upcoming events and remember that we thank you, we love you and believe that this ministry will bless you abundantly. 


Katherine Murray-Corriette